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McG Summoned For ‘Magic Castle’ Feature Film

Written by on November 8, 2012 

Well, that was fast. After news late last month that Hollywood was putting together a movie based on their famous magician venue, Magic Castle, producers have already found a director. Since he won’t be conjuring up his take on an Ouija film, McG has now found new thrills in this project from 20th Century Fox, The Hollywood Reporter updates.

Up-and-comers Andrew Barrer and Gabe Ferrari, who are also working on an adaptation of Legend (no, not the Ridley Scott film) and a new Sabrina the Teenage Witch, are already working on the script. While we don’t know any details on what the actual plot will hold, this venue is a famous magic/night club spot that isn’t open to the public, but features many celebrity guests (one including Neil Patrick Harris) performing magic. One may recall a certain Ben Stiller-guesting Arrested Development episode that was based on the location.

As for McG, he’s currently in pre-production on his thriller Three Days to Kill, with Kevin Costner leading, but expect him to follow that project with this one. Unfortunately his name doesn’t drum up much interest around these parts. His recent films have all been complete failures, quality wise so unless he can get some good graces back with Kill, we aren’t looking forward to this one much.

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