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Matthew Fox Will Cry In ‘Emperor’; Adam Goldberg Goes Pornographic for ‘Inferno’

Written by on January 3, 2012 

I’ve been waiting — not impatiently, but with a general interest — for Matthew Fox to jump back into the spotlight after Lost ended. And, although it’s been almost two years since the show went off the air, we’re only seeing him return this year with I, Alex Cross and World War Z hitting screens. Things are looking even better for the thespian, as Variety informs us that he’s grabbed the lead role in Emperor, a Japan-set epic set to be directed by Girl with a Pearl Earring‘s Peter Webber.

His role is that of Gen. Bonner Fellers, who, following the conclusion of World War II, was forced to decide if Japan’s Emperor Hirohito would be hanged for war crimes. David Klass and Vera Blasi‘s screenplay also tells of the man’s “love affair with Aya, a Japanese exchange student he had met years earlier in the U.S.”; the current portions of Emperor will have him seeking her out in the “ravaged post-war landscape.” Too early to make a judgement, but I’d posit that this sounds fairly strong and, if they can deliver something that could be described as such, it might be a great role for Fox. I’ll be happy enough if those of us in the theater tear up as much as he undoubtedly will onscreen.

Further casting news comes from Variety, who also report that Adam Goldberg will be jumping into the world of pornography — fictionally, that is. He’s boarded Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story, the other biopic of porn actress Linda Lovelace, which stars Malin Akerman, Matt Dillon, Paz de la Huerta, Sasha Grey, and Harold Perrineau.

The Saving Private Ryan actor will play Harry Reems, who the rival project, Lovelace, signed Adam Brody as last night. (None too subtle, Jars Productions.) If you aren’t up on your ’70s smut, you should know that Reems made a name by starring alongside Linda Lovelace in her most famous work, Deep Throat — a job that’s made him a dangerous prospect to conduct an image search on until the end of time. Adam Goldberg, however, is a talented fellow who’s not only a respectable choice, but is also safe to look up. I swear.

With Matthew Wilder writing and directing, Inferno will commence shooting next month.

Is either project on your radar? What does this casting do for your expectations?

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