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Matthew Weiner’s ‘You Are Here’ Finds Female Co-Star; ‘Jobs’ Grabs Its Steve Wozniak

Written by on April 26, 2012 

The slate might be thin to begin with, but even a rich selection would still make You Are Here one of the next couple of year’s more promising comedies. I know you might be tired of Zach Galifianakis and Owen Wilson‘s schtick by this point, but roughly five seasons of Mad Men have, as far as I’m concerned, earned Matthew Weiner plenty of right to cast whoever he wants in his first film. And, you know, it’s from the guy who runs Mad Men. That should be a factor, too.

Things are moving forward, and the first “smaller” name has just come aboard with Deadline‘s report, which says Laura Ramsey (Middle Men, Kill the Irishman) will be playing “a young beautiful widow and love interest to the role played by Wilson.” The script — which Weiner wrote before his Mad Men and Sopranos days — follows “a weatherman who is dependent on a best friend for his good times,” but who has to “get his own life in order” when the supposedly less responsible comrade inherits land and a new business. Amy Poehler also stars in You Are Here, and production is set to commence next month.

Next up, Variety informs us Ashton Kutcher has found his wing-man in the indie Steve Jobs biopic, Jobs. Apple geeks will no doubt realize I’m referring to Steve Wozniak, Apple’s co-founder and former technical innovator, who will now be played by Josh Gad (Love and Other Drugs, Broadway’s The Book of Mormon).

Our last report on the film saw producer Mark Hulme promise a film that, as written by Matt Whiteley, would start at the company’s founding in the ’70s and conclude sometime in the 2000s. Wozniak should, by that account, drift in and out of the story at a slightly odd pace, so long as they follow historical record; thankfully, Gad‘s shown enough talent for me not to worry about the character’s own structuring. The film itself… needs to show some more before I can make a call. Joshua Michael Stern has been tapped to direct Jobs, which will begin filming next month.

Does either casting choice sound like a smart move to yourself?

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