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Plans Leak Regarding Marvel’s Future ‘Hulk’ Films

Written by on February 4, 2013 

Whether the movie left you cheering with glee or shrugging until the cows came home, there was one thing we could agree on when it came to The Avengers: Mark Ruffalo, his portrayal of The Incredible Hulk, and the greatness which so strongly exudes from it. Coming out of Joss Whedon‘s picture, more than a few fans were vocal in a desire to see this mold of the character in his own movie — already making it an anomaly from how he’d been received over nine previous years — wherein he could run around and destroy everything in sight as a green man, then charm your purple spandex shorts off in human form.

Marvel have been cagey about saying much in that regard, and probably, only, for the sake of general secrecy in their development process. We all know it’s going to happen — admittedly, not when, with whom, or under what storyline — and, to a lesser degree, most assume things, big or small, have been going on behind the scenes. Confirming this (as much as this can truly be “confirmed”) are LatinoReview, who dropped the news that Marvel, a group of people who think several years ahead, are giving Hulk a solo movie directly connected the next two Avengers sequels, the latter of which is going to have even more of Ruffalo than last summer’s hit. All of this makes fans happy, but it’s nothing compared when they learn more of the process — especially that it’s based on two popular comic lines.

The one from which his solo film is expected to take cues would be Planet Hulk. This is how it’s expected to shake out, semi-specifically: at the end of The Avengers 2 — we’re getting ahead of ourselves, I know — the team sends Hulk to outer space, where he falls through a wormhole, ends up on an alien planet, and, after a lot of smashing, becomes the people’s king of sorts. At the start of The Avengers 3 — now this is really getting ahead of things — he’s built a team of alien fighters, as the leader of whom he returns to Earth filled with gamma-powered vengeance in his heart. This is based in great part on World War Hulk, yet another popular incarnation that sounds like a smart way to utilize the character; that it could be a relatively interesting plot for the sequel to a film whose own script isn’t even finished should be torture for comic geeks.

And, even as a casual observer of all this Marvel business, I’d have to give a thumbs up to their foresight in laying these things out on the table. Well, actually, if it’s true, about which they’re sure to soon come out about and say that, no, this isn’t their plan — customary and, therefore, unreliable as a response. Unless the company blow people’s minds and just admit that they’ve been found out, our answer as to this story’s legitimacy should arrive in… 2017. At the earliest. And if civilization still stands by then.

How do you feel about these big Hulk plans? Does it sound like a good way to use the character?

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