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Marvel May Want Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Lead ‘Doctor Strange’

Written by on July 15, 2013 

It’s that time of the year again, kids. Comic-Con is about to kick-off in San Diego later this week and you can expect all manner of franchise news to start hitting the fan regarding your favorite characters, studios and films.

Jumping the gun on that geeky flood, the team over at Latino Review posted a tantalizing tidbit concerning the potential star for one of Marvel’s next big superhero films. Of course, this has all the earmarks of juicy static or wishful thinking in the face of a real announcement, but here it is anyway; Marvel Studios wants Batman’s understudy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, for the role of Dr. Strange, Sorcerer Supreme.

When The Huffington Post asked Gordon-Levitt’s agent for response, the word was “not true.” Of course, if this does come to pass it wouldn’t be the first or last time an early rumor was denied, only to prove true later. In Latino Review’s original article, it was implied that this was only intention and that the actor himself might not yet be aware of the interest. All of this just means that this is, at best, just a neat idea.

Let’s talk about the idea, as I think it bears some merit. Doctor Strange, created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko during the Silver Age of comics, has always been an interesting but often sidelined member of the Marvel stable. A neurosurgeon that went on to become a mystical defender of Earth, Strange is a character that will need a strong, charismatic and anchoring presence in order to work. He’s like Tony Stark in that respect, and just as Downey Jr. both seemed perfectly right and still kind of a wild card when he was first mentioned, so too does Gordon-Levitt for Strange.

Previously we’ve heard Justin Theroux bandied as a potential Strange, but while he’d probably be fine in the role his presence likely wouldn’t do enough to expand the character beyond the ‘wizard in a red cape’ profile that he strikes now. JGL has already proven capable of standing in the gap of comic-book worlds and giving characters necessary definition.

If Marvel wants a stable force that can ground the considerably fantastic world that Strange occupies, there might not be a better suggestion than the one that’s been put forward today. Time of course will tell whether or not this rumor has any traction. I for one, hope it’s fated to happen.

Would you like to see JGL join the Marvel universe?

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