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Maria Bello Partners with James Wan for Thriller; Corey Stoll Joins Drama and David Sedaris Comedy

Written by on November 13, 2012 

Just yesterday, I expressed aloud — as is (occasionally) required — that it was nice to see Maria Bello in another proper-sized film. Nice as that may be, it sounds like that may have only been one of a few steps back into the spotlight: word now comes that she’s eyeing a lead role by collaborating with Saw mastermind James Wan. [Variety]

Sources say the writer-director will actually take neither of those two duties, though (probably thanks to MacGyver), and instead opt to produce this outing for Dimension Films alongside Lee Clay (Beautiful Boy). While missing a proper name, this project is giving us something far more crucial: a logline. According to Variety, Wan‘s project will center on the investigation into five college students’ brutal murder upon going on “an innocent ghost-hunting activity,” an activity which soon became “a terrifying escapade involving the house itself.” My guess is that Bello plays the lead investigator, and that’s probably a guess everyone else will share.

Production is kicking off in January.

Work of a different shade is also reported by Variety, with the outlet telling us Corey Stoll (Midnight in Paris, Non-Stop) has been added to two films: C.O.G., based on the work of noted humorist David Sedaris, and Glass Chin. The one most are sure to have the greatest interest in is, as it were, a comedy about the author’s time working on the Oregonian apple-picking scene, during which he — a liberal and homosexual — was faced off against the religious right. We’ll see the actor as a bad-mannered factory worker, while Jonathan Groff is director Kyle Patrick Alvarez‘s star. (Quantum Leap‘s Dean Stockwell is also making a turn, which is all you need.)

The second, directed by Noah Buschel (The Missing Person), will require Stoll to headline as “a down-on-his-luck former boxing champ who is forced to make a choice between honor and ambition when he is framed for murder.” Although that’s the long and short of it, for whatever it may be worth, it’s worth pointing out that Buschel‘s listed film is a strong effort — one you can see right here. Should Glass Chin provide any echoes of that, we’re off to a strong start.

Based on this information, would you say either project is worth their stars’ talent?

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