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Marc Webb Replacing Seth Gordon on ‘The Only Living Boy in New York’

Written by on August 15, 2012 

Before Horrible Bosses opened and he became one of the go-to guys for studio comedies, Seth Gordon was right on the cusp of helming The Only Living Boy in New York, a coming-of-age tale starring Logan Lerman and scripted by Allan Loeb. Months away, even, but the ensuing success of the aforementioned picture put him on a different track — the guy’s directing an entirely different project, after which he has, say, six other things on his plate — so producers are looking elsewhere.

Now, TOH (via ThePlaylist) tells us they’ve gone toward a filmmaker with his own contractual hangups: Marc Webb, who we’ve recently told you is trying to figure out the pros and cons of a) directing an Amazing Spider-Man sequel, b) going back to Fox Searchlight, or c) doing both. And although Living Boy doesn’t have a distributor at the moment, its current creative force points a bit toward option b.

Bona Fide Productions happen to be throwing their support behind the picture — specifically, their own Albert Berger and Ron Yerxa — the very company most notable for bringing Ruby Sparks and Little Miss Sunshine. Am I thinking about this one a bit too much? Sure, but the signs are there.

While this doesn’t necessarily mean The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is out of the question — or that Fox Searchlight is even handling Living Boy, by my own admission — I think the evidence is worth adding up for just a second or two. There are shades of his first feature for that studio, being the tale of a youngster whose “involvement” with his father’s mistress changes things in truly radical ways; no matter the situation at play, it could fit Webb rather well.

Is Living Boy the sort of project you’d like to see Webb take next? Where do you think this leaves a second Spider-Man?

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