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Marc Webb’s Return to ‘Spider-Man’ May Require Two Films With Fox Searchlight

Written by on July 31, 2012 

Even before The Amazing Spider-Man hit earlier this month, there had whispers around the internet campfire that Sony, being of mixed opinion on their own reboot, were composing plans to shovel Marc Webb out of the way and, thus, approach their sequel in a different matter. (This, to me, was most strongly reflected in a screenwriting 180 by hiring Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman.) Then it just so happened that Fox Searchlight were trying to pull him onto another project — the type of conflict that seemed terribly convenient for Sony, given the aforementioned rumors — only leading me (and several others) to think his days with the science nerd-turned-hero were done.

Perhaps not, though, as a story in MoviesNow claims Sony would like to have him back for their follow-up — and the feeling’s mutual! Great news! All well and good, except that Fox Searchlight are still itching to see him return to their court with Age of Rage, a futuristic, Lord of the Flies-like picture scripted by Mark Heyman (Black Swan). The studio, while not letting that one go, would let Webb do the superhero sequel on one big condition: Should the helmer partner with Sony on the next outing, he’d have to come back to Fox Searchlight and make two (not one, but two) films under their banner.

So, it’s a bit of a dicey proposition. Should the desire so strike him to depict that unknown story, there will be a price to pay; and if he doesn’t, this series is probably out of his hands for good. I’d say the best path is that of mild resistance. Take The Amazing Spider-Man 2, make the next two outings for Fox Searchlight really count — i.e., if they even decide to make him commit in such a fashion — and figure the rest out from there. Then again, I’m no Hollywood director with big intentions caught between two studios.

Do you find this back-and-forth between the studios and Webb kind of odd? What’s the best decision?

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