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Mads Mikkelsen Will Lead Zentropa’s Viking-Inspired Western ‘Salvation’

Written by on February 18, 2013 

While “Mads Mikkelsen” and “western” are not two things I’d have thought to put together, there’s no cause for concern: you could put his name next to almost anything to grab my attention. But when this is the combination we’re looking at today, and when the announced effort, to boot, promises something so different than what genre labels would typically promote, that’s almost beside the point — because I’m already on board.

Reported in ScreenDaily is the news that Lars von Trier‘s Zentropa have taken up Salvation, which Kristian Levring will direct from a screenplay co-written with Anders Thomas Jensen. Contained within their pages is the story of an 1870s community rocked by one settler hoping to enact justice upon those responsible for his own family’s demise — a logline not remotely unfamiliar, but one given new life by mixing “elements of classic Westerns mixed with inspiration from Nordic and Viking sagas.”

One or two lames jokes come to mind (Montana Rising), though that need not diminish the value such an announcement manages to hint at, regardless of how surreptitious said value happens to be this early on. (Mikkelsen shooting down scoundrels from a bucking horse as some Viking stuff is thrown in? You probably get why I’m already tuning in.) Better yet that Salvation is close to hitting screens: production will begin this spring, ostensibly putting a 2014 release right on track.

What do you think of Mikkelsen heading out west? Is there appeal in that idea?

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