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‘MacGruber 2’ Just a Pipe Dream After All, But Script Still Being Written

Written by on June 4, 2012 

Released in 2010 the comedy MacGruber, based on the SNL skit starring Will Forte as a MacGuyver parody, was released into theaters where it was ignored by moviegoers across the country. But in the grand tradition of “box office gross does not dictate quality,” the movie has seen a surge in popularity among movie geeks and comedy fans alike. And when director Jorma Taccone, in an interview with Screen Crush, stated that he and Forte were working on a sequel that took place on Christmas (a nod to Die Hard if you’re one of the three people who didn’t get it), MacGruber fans pumped their fists in triumph.

But leave it to Forte himself to crush everyone’s hopes and dreams. Mr. Beaks at Ain’t It Cool News had a chance to talk with the actor who was promoting That’s My Boy alongside Andy Samberg and here’s what they both had to say:

Will Forte: As for MACGRUBER 2, it’s very much in the works. We’re just… no, I’m kidding. Jorma mentioned it. He was really tired one morning giving an interview, and he said something stupid about it. Believe me, we would love… we had so much fun doing that. We’re proud of it, and we jokingly talk about the sequel all the time. But I don’t think anybody in their right mind would give us any money for it. If somebody gives us money for it–

Andy Samberg: I’ll give you a thousand bucks right now.

Forte: There is going to be a MACGRUBER 2 then. Funded by Andy Samberg.

Samberg: On a flipcam.

I can’t say that this is surprising; even though I was one of the many who got excited at the idea of MacGruber 2, logically it makes no sense given its piss poor box office and the general indifference the mainstream movie audience has towards the first one (if they even remember that it exists). Unless a superfan comes out of nowhere with enough money to get it made, MacGruber 2 remains a pipe dream (somebody send Bill Gates a copy of the movie stat!). And if you’re someone who didn’t think MacGruber looked all that funny, I implore you to give it another shot; it’s a lot more clever than the trailers ever made it out to be.

Update: No sooner did we post this than Forte popped up again, this time on Crave Online, saying he still plans to write a script for the film in the next six months and even though the probability is small, they “would do it if someone were to let [them] do it.” He added, “we will definitely write a Macgruber 2 if only just to have fun…we actually have some ideas written down already and a couple of scenes but we’ve got to figure out exactly what we’re going to do. We’re definitely going to write it. It’s just a matter of if anybody would ever let us make it.” So, get your celery sticks ready, folks. Or at least have them on standby.

Are you sad that MacGruber 2 has a 99.9% of never happening, or did you find the original to not be nearly as funny as its cult fanbase thinks it is?

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