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Lynne Ramsay Quits ‘Jane Got a Gun’ Right as Production Starts

Written by on March 19, 2013 

Here’s a new one: when the main cast and central crew of Lynne Ramsay‘s Jane Got a Gun arrived on their set yesterday, all ready to roll cameras, a director was nowhere to be found. It turns out the Scottish helmer, an obvious source of creative input on the project, had taken her name off for reasons undisclosed — save for, ominously, a note that there had been “drama the weekend before.” No one’s stated any connection between a casting shake-up (which just so happened the weekend before) and this next incident, some kind of connection has to exist. Right?

Financier and producer Scott Steindorff, you probably could’ve guess, is “shocked and so disappointed,” indicating that Ramsay‘s “irresponsible act” is going to create some legal trouble. In the meantime, the set is still going: actors have continued to rehearse, money has not been cut off, and a replacement director is arriving any day now. It’s worth considering who that person will actually be, and if s/he even has enough time to look over the screenplay, storyboard, conceptualize, speak with collaborators about their own ideas — well, yes. You can understand both how and why this creates a litany of problems.

One would like to think Ramsay had a good reason to act in a manner so sudden and, from an outsider’s perspective, careless, though this writer suspects those interested parties won’t know what transpired for a while longer. All that’s appropriate, now, is wishing some good luck to the actors and crew as things fall back into place.

Is this news surprising and disappointing? Any ideas on who could fill the job?

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