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‘Looper’ Gets First Clip With Bruce Willis & Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Comparisons To ‘The Shining’

Written by on August 30, 2012 

Way back last November Rian Johnson handpicked some journalists to attend a special early screening for his sci-fi Looper — and the response was predictably ecstatic. But in just a few weeks the entire world will get to see it, following a premiere opening the Toronto International Film Festival. The film, now in its final state has, of course, screened a bit early again and the response, while equally positive, contatins a few interesting comparisons.

While  Empire has awarded it a top grade of five stars, Twitch chimes in with equal enthusiasm, saying that this one is “Twelve Monkeys/La Jetée meets The Terminator via The Shining.” While I get the former two comparisons, the latter has me for a loop (perhaps it has something to do with the above still of Emily Blunt with Jack Torrance’s favorite weapon.) Nonetheless, they add that Bruce Willis has achieved the easy feat of being the best he’s been in a decade and the film “does for high concept time traveling flicks what Raiders of the Lost Ark did for action/adventure serials.” High praise indeed and we’ll be able to see if in rings true soon. In the meantime, check out our very first clip below via Yahoo, featuring a conversation between Willis and his younger self, Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Looper lands on September 28th.

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