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‘Lone Ranger’ Over Budget Once Again; Rewrites Underway

Written by on June 13, 2012 

It was naive, but I had thought the people behind Lone Ranger learned their lesson after all those cancellations, rewrites, budget cuts, and the undesirable like. Yet, THR has learned that, since the start of production, Gore Verbinski‘s film managed to not only go up to the film’s original, dangerous $250 million budget, but has since exceeded that price tag. (The fact that it’s possibly weeks behind schedule seems like a minor worry in comparison.) Much like the last time out, much of these price climbs can be attributed to… trains. Locomotives ahoy.

Although previous adjustments to Justin Haythe‘s script excised a few train-based action sequences for the sake of cost, they’ve remained a major element of the current iteration; furthermore, Verbinski “opted for the production to construct its own locomotives from scratch rather than employ existing railroad vehicles.” (Why?) Cuts are still being made — though how deep and extensive they may be isn’t clear to us outsiders — while a few extra rewrites are reportedly on track (yes) to patch up the wounds.

None of this means the film will be a bomb, though. A Gore Verbinski-directed, Jerry Bruckheimer-produced, Johnny Depp-starring Disney movie has proven to be a moderately successful formula a few times over, and the film’s got a prime summer spot to prove itself, too. I just have to roll my eyes and sigh at Disney’s (almost comical) inability to control what should, when all is said and done, only amount to an overlong piece of weekend entertainment.

Lone Ranger will open on July 3rd, 2013.

How do you feel about Disney’s constant bungling of Lone Ranger?

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