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Listen to Daniel Pemberton’s ‘Steve Jobs’ Score as Danny Boyle and Cast Discuss Film

Written by on October 15, 2015 


One of the few recent awards contenders that’s actually worth a damn, Steve Jobs, flaws and all, is only more interesting and stranger the longer you consider it. For all that’s been written about it, few have mentioned the binding element between Aaron Sorkin‘s wonky (for better and for worse) screenplay and Danny Boyle‘s mile-a-minute filmmaking: a multi-tiered score from Daniel Pemberton. We Are Movie Geeks, alongside a link to the Spotify stream, have as an interview with the composer, who says he began “thinking of the dialogue as the soprano of the score” in Jobs‘ pre-production phase. This shows in the final result: it’s the sort of composition that gives one some sense of how the movie plays — fortunately without spoiling much, either.

Along with that selection is a series of videos featuring Boyle, Kate Winslet, Michael Fassbender, Jeff Daniels, and Aaron Sorkin, including a segment that pairs director and scribe. (The helmer’s solo interview is particularly good — a natural result of his boundless enthusiasm.) None of this will make Steve Jobs‘ climax much better, but neither would all the tea in China.

Listen and watch below:

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