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Listen: Bill Murray Talks Turning Down Roles, Roger Ebert Feud, and More In 70-Minute Howard Stern Interview

Written by on October 10, 2014 


Staying off the grid, it’s tough for even Hollywood to locate Bill Murray when it comes to a prospective role, let alone launch a publicity tour for a film centered around the actor. It seems as though luck has struck St. Vincentgaining Murray for the press ride, first with TIFF launching a day dedicated to the actor and now with the film opening, he’s made it to New York City. Notably while there, Murray has sat down for a 70-minute discussion with Howard Stern on his life and career.

In the conversation Murray discusses turning down roles in Rain Man, Forrest Gump, and more, his lack of interest in Oscar campaigning, never seeing Seinfeld (until one episode he didn’t like), the early days of Saturday Night Live and vying for lines, as well as a fight with Chevy Chase, a friendly feud with Roger Ebert, reading reviews, and much more. Check it below and for another recent extensive conversation with the legendary actor, watch here.

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