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Lionsgate Considering ‘Saw’ Reboot; Eighth Film Also Possible

Written by on August 7, 2012 

All the ads for Saw VII — as well as, look at that, its own subtitle, The Final Chapter — made it loud and clear that this nonsense was finally, mercifully coming to a halt. For the time being.

There’s no way Lionsgate was going to let such a cash cow, even a decaying one, simply end for good when there’s still some coin to be earned at the box office. So, it’s no surprise when BloodyDisgusting reports that the studio are now aiming to reboot the recently-deceased franchise for their own, or, at the very least, put an eighth movie into motion; no matter what, they assure us “Jigsaw will return.”

I’ll take their word for it, if not any enthusiasm some will undoubtedly feel upon hearing such news. The original Saw, from what I can recall, was fine; the second, even at a younger age, felt extremely contrived; and then I just tuned out for years and years. And, no, an “update” or “new spin” is not going to make me invested in giving things another shot. Come on.

Are you up for a Saw reboot or follow-up?

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