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Liam Neeson Running from the Law and the Mob In ‘The All-Nighter’

Written by on November 16, 2012 

Liam Neeson plays a violent professional pushed to his limits in trying to protect those he holds most dear. We’ve seen him do it before… but have we seen him do it as a hitman?

While this would be an ample (albeit poorly-placed) opportunity to use Taken as a means of discussing CIA ethics, the topic at hand is casting. According to TheWrap, Neeson is circling the main role of The All-Nighter, an action-thriller penned by Brad Ingelsby which, since being acquired by WB in January, has started to get itself into shape. Grabbing the world’s biggest action star is good, as far as next steps go.

If he signs on, we can expect to see the man play a contract killer, now past his prime, who’s forced (for some reason) to go after his old boss as a way of (ahem) protecting those he holds most dear. Things escalate even further when, eventually, he’s found running from both his old associates and the police, taking his estranged son along for the violent ride. It’s a role which sounds so Liam Neeson that the character’s name might have to be replaced in the final draft.

But that’s what most of us like to see him do nowadays, so it’s hard to make anything of the possibility other than “sure.” I doubt it’s going to shake up the formula that’s given the man a second career phase — no, really: why would it? — but, again, if you like it, The All-Nighter will probably satisfy.

Are you keen on possibilities surrounding The All-Nighter?

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