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Lars von Trier Penning Detroit-Set Horror Film; Watch His Debut on Film’s 30th Anniversary

Written by on May 13, 2014 

Inhabiting America’s least-desirable city has finally paid off for the people of Detroit. Sure: one might have to live in a) poverty, b) constant fear of crime, c) the shadow of a bungling metropolitan government, and d) Detroit, you also get to see those trash-lined streets shine on the silver screen! Following in the footsteps of Jim Jarmusch, Ryan Gosling, and… José Padilha (remember when there was a RoboCop remake this year?), it’s reported that Lars von Trier has followed his epic, excellent Nymphomaniac with writing duties on a horror picture, Detroit, which fellow Dane and Dogme 95 member Kristian Levring.

Speaking to his native country’s Sound Venue (via IndieWIRE), the director — who is off to Cannes with a midnight title, The Salvation (trailer here), starring Mads Mikkelsen and Eva Green — revealed that his effort only came to after he’d been pestering von Trier to delve into the genre; as a particularly strenuous means of getting him to “stop talking about it,” it was last month when he commenced work on a psychological tale concerning “a man fighting his inner demons.” (Levring‘s citing of of Psycho and The Exorcist might be something of a giveaway.) An appropriate (working) title, indeed, given the play on words: “Detroit” sounds like “destroyed,” so, you see…

No word on when Detroit (or whatever it ends up being called) winds up in production, but von Trier‘s first solo scripting duties since 2004’s Dear Wendy are anticipated all the same. In the meantime, one might spend part of their day celebrating the anniversary of his feature debut, The Element of Crime, a film which opened in Denmark 30 years ago today and still looks like it’s transmitted from some dystopian, vaguely European future.

Those with a Hulu+ subscription (that should be you) can watch the film below:

Are early hopes high for this von Trier-Levring collaboration?

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