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Kristen Bell Singing for ‘Frozen’ and Starring With Adam Brody In ‘Some Girls’

Written by on March 5, 2012 

Looking at THR‘s news, it could be said that Kristen Bell is diversifying things at the moment. Although juggling work in TV and film isn’t much of a new prospect for the actress — she’s currently starring on Showtime’s House of Lies, for those who appreciate some context — it’s hard to think up a combo with more variety than a Neil LaBute-penned story and an animated musical from Disney. Honestly, try and thing of, say, three (non-pornographic) doubles that stand apart as much.

Anyway, Bell will soon begin shooting Jennifer Getzinger‘s New Girls, based on a play from LaBute that follows “a successful writer who, before getting married, decides to travel across the country to meet his four ex-girlfriends in a series of hotel rooms.” Adam Brody has already been cast in the main role, while Bell will be playing “Bobbi, a smart, articulate woman he bailed on years before without a word, leaving her without respect or love for him.”

It’s only noted that the actress will voice and sing as “the lead” of Frozen, a certain vagueness that might be accounted for with the project’s own, ten-year-long development process. (Things can be up in the air when something takes that long.) But the story is based on Hans Christian Anderson‘s The Snow Queen, and that follows a young girl who has to save her friend from an evil queen; unless they want to be a little creepy and cast an adult as a young girl, Bell‘s part should be a no-brainer. With Chris Buck (Surf’s Up) directing, Frozen is expected to open on November 27th, 2013.

Are you interested in where Bell’s career could end up going, based on these two differing gigs?

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