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Kimberly Peirce Continues Remake Streak ‘With a Friend Like Harry’

Written by on July 26, 2012 

Seeing as our first behind-the-scenes look at Carrie was unveiled today, I think the next update is all-too timely. As it were, Variety reports that its director, Kimberly Peirce, is being handed the rights to another horror remake: With a Friend Like Harry, which will have the Stop-Loss helmer going into French country. Or, have her reimagine French country and retrofit it to the United States. Something of that nature.

Anyhow, the original (2000) picture follows “a family man joined on vacation by an old schoolmate, Harry, who he doesn’t remember.” Despite the scary proposition of having your family followed around by someone who only claims to know you — yours truly would try and find an immediate, legal solution to this issue — “his carefree spirit and charm” woo the family into accepting his presence.. until all his actions “become more mysteriously menacing.”

I’d like not to know much more, frankly, but for good reason: that basic set-up is kind of interesting to my eyes and ears. Better yet, actor Wentworth Miller — who earned praise and, more impressively, the directorial hand of Park Chan-wook on Stoker — will be scripting for Maven Pictures. For one thing, all this quick action could mean Carrie is going smoothly, but we should also have all the more reason to think Harry has real pedigree by its side.

Does Peirce’s name bring promise to you, personally? Have you seen the original film, and is it worthy of a remake?

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