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Kiefer Sutherland Shares More Script Specifics on ‘24’ Movie

Written by on January 23, 2012 

After a couple of false starts and reduction in interest from the general public, this 24 movie is actually going forward. Hard to believer when Kiefer Sutherland has been talking it up since the show ended its eight-season run in May of 2010 –now, though, it’s time to make the thing. And, when speaking to Collider, the actor first reiterated what’s been said in the past: They — meaning, cast, crew, and catering team — hope to “be shooting the end of April, beginning of May.”

But that’s not new news or anything. If you want that (and I assume you do), look to the quote in which he clarifies some timeline queries; instead of being a “conclusion,” to the show, Sutherland said that Mark Bomback‘s script is “a continuation.” Specifically, “[i]t’s within six months from the end of the last episode.” So, not the end all, be all we’ve heard about in the past? “We’ll see where it goes from there,” said the actor. (He also mentioned that, this time around, we’re getting a 24-hour story set over the course of a mere two, but that’s been stated enough. You probably knew it by this point.)

So now that the question of “what” has been clarified to one extent or another, the question of “why” still remains unanswered. I enjoyed 24 well-enough (if inconsistently) when it aired for the better part of a decade, but it was certainly petering out as that run went on and on. Do you want more Jack Bauer while we’re at it? I can’t, in good conscience, say this is something I’ll go for — maybe you feel differently.

Do Sutherland’s comments make the 24 movie seem any more interesting?

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