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Kevin Costner Wanted for ‘Jack Ryan’ and ‘Three Days to Kill’; McG Rumored for Latter

Written by on August 6, 2012 

Kevin Costner, a franchise regular? An odd proposition for the actor who, these past several years, has stuck to smaller pictures (Swing Vote, Mr. Brooks) or, at most, medium-sized films with some big co-stars (The Company Men). He’s taking a detour with next summer’s Man of Steel — who’d have thought he would ever narrate the teaser for a Superman movie? — and, as Deadline tells us, another big-scale actioner may be in his future. A low-scale one, too.

The former would happen to be Kenneth Branagh‘s Jack Ryan (ignore the fact that no title currently exists), in which he would end up playing “the co-lead”; i.e., a new character who bears some narrative resemblance to CIA Vice Admiral James Greer, played by James Earl Jones in The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, and Clear and Present Danger. A Field of Dreams transference, in some ways. He’d star alongside Chris Pine and one lucky actress.

Then there’s a possible spot in Three Days to Kill, which, when we reported on it back in May, was known as “the funny Taken.” Luc Besson has co-written the film with Adi Hasak, in which Ethan Renner, a dying assassin, traverses France to carry out “one final mission” (oh, boy) and patch things up with his daughter. The plan calls for him to take that part, while McG is the favorite helmer.

Now, such a directing choice is likely to give one pause — I may have shaken my head at the reveal — so take any positives of this with an obvious grain of salt. A shame, too, since I like the “idea” of Costner playing that sort of role; it suits some of his strengths while also, you could say, breaking away. Problems which lie in that notwithstanding, I’m sure he’ll fit into Jack Ryan like it’s a well-designed glove. (And he’s… his own hand, I suppose.)

Any thoughts on Costner taking either part?

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