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Kenneth Lonergan’s ‘Margaret’ Finished Finally – 2011 Release?

Written by on July 24, 2010 

It’s news too good, perhaps, to be true. And Lord knows there’s been similar reports over the last FIVE years. Writer/Director Kenneth Lonergan gave us You Can Count On Me a decade ago. Starring Laura Linney (in many ways her breakout performance) and Mark Ruffalo (unequivocally his career-defining role), Lonergan’s directorial debut explored the strains of family: the struggle to love them and the impossibility to hate them. Linney and Lonergan were both Oscar-nominated for their efforts. It will forever elude as to Ruffalo got snubbed. Overall, it’s a film so pitch perfect it feels as though only one can be allotted every decade.

With that said it seems appropriate that Lonergan’s follow-up (it would be silly to say long gestating) is reportedly finally finished and ready for a theatrical release, from none other than Fox Searchlight. The film’s called Margaret and tells the story of a young woman who witnesses a tragic bus accident and then tries to cope with the event. It stars Anna Paquin, Mark Ruffalo, Jean Reno, Matt Damon and Matthew Broderick. [The Playlist]

After what was years of legal and editing troubles, it would appear Lonergan has found a film worth presenting.

Isn’t it strange how time changes in 11 years: now Ruffalo’s the Hulk, Paquin’s kissing vampires and Broderick doesn’t have much of a film career.

Have you seen You Can Count On Me? Are you excited for Margaret?

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