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Justin Timberlake Could Go ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’

Written by on October 29, 2011 

If you were to say about ten years ago that Justin Timberlake would one day have a major role in a film from Joel and Ethan Coen, you would’ve been labeled a madman. Cut to ten years later. Timberlake is a real actor, capable of giving interesting performances in movies that, frankly, often don’t deserve them. All he needs are other quality films under his belt — more Social Network, less Love Guru — to propel him somewhere greater. So, Justin Timberlake in a Coen brothers movie? I’m down.

So are they — according to Variety. the duo have offered him a major part in their forthcoming Inside Llewyn Davis. The story says that Timberlake, should he accept, will play “Jim, a folk musician married to Jean, who will be played by Carey Mulligan.” This is described as a lead role, so it’s clearly something that Timberlake would consider; the involvement of Social Network producer Scott Rudin also establishes a connection, if that means anything.

Davis centers on the titular singer, played by Oscar Isaac, who “struggles as a folk musician during the genre’s 1960s heyday in New York City.” Variety provides a little more information: He’s “a struggling folk musician born and bred in Queens,” and “[d]espite being a talented singer and guitarist, he just can’t seem to make ends meet playing music.”

Thanks to his past work, I already have enough confidence that he would work in the picture; the fact that the Coen brothers have actually sought him only makes me think that he’s absolutely right. (For my money, there’s never been a “bad” performance in any of their films.) It’s up to him, of course, but I’m hoping he makes what can almost only be the right decision.

Inside Llewyn Davis will begin shooting at the beginning of next year, and a release in late 2012 seems likely.

How would you feel about Timberlake joining Llewyn Davis? Has his career as an actor left you impressed?

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