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‘Fast & Furious 6’ Director Justin Lin Adds Another Project to Big Slate

Written by on February 20, 2013 

It’s said almost every time he signs for a project expressly because it bears repeating, but most who recognize his name already know the deal with Justin Lin: a lot of people want him to make their movie, and there are a lot of movies he wants to make. All of which is good for a seemingly-talented director, though you can only make one of these things at a time — and it sure isn’t as if all projects just wait for one man to come back at least two years later.

So I won’t tell you to be invested in the idea of this next project. (Not that I’d ever force one like so in the first place.) Anyway, Deadline report that he and producer Michael De Luca (The Social Network, Moneyball) are being brought in for WB’s currently-untitled project based on a recently-sold novel penned by Patrick Lee; plans call for it to be published next winter, and, in Hollywood’s favor, as the first of three books. An action tale — thus putting it right in Lin‘s wheelhouse — it centers on former special operative Sam Dryden, who takes it upon himself to protect a young girl chased down by “a powerful government agent intent on hunting her down.”

Save for the (merely potential) lack of fast cars, it is, again, part of Lin‘s wheelhouse. What you really have to ask, and ask deeply, is if he can actually make this happen when there are so many other options out there, even excluding something such as an inevitable Fast & Furious 7. The decision is his, and he’s nothing but a very lucky man for having to make that.

Do you see Lin making this soon down the line? Is anything about it particularly enticing?

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