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‘Jurassic Park IV’ Moving Forward With ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ Scribes

Written by on June 20, 2012 

The success of Rise of the Planet of the Apes is extrapolating even further than just that now-revitalized franchise. As Universal plans to re-release the 1993 Steven Spielberg classic Jurassic Park in 3D next summer, the studio is now pushing forward on a fourth in a series, and they’ve got two scribes to crack the script.

Deadline reports Apes scribes Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver have been set to write the script for producers Steven Spielberg and Kathleen Kennedy, with no surprise that the former will not be returning to direct. There are no plot details for the film that’s been put through the rumor wringer. Stars have said it’s not happening, while that’s been proven wrong as filmmakers expressed that Jurassic Park IV will begin a new trilogy and go off in a “completey different direction.”

We also know that Mark Protosevich (I Am Legend, Thor) was brought in to shake around some ideas and ended up writing a draft of the script, which Spielberg said exceeded that of the third film (I can only hope). Regardless, I can’t imagine something touching the fun and craft of the first film, so I’ll just have fun with whatever the series becomes from here on out. Apes packed a surprising amount of heart, so they’re starting off on the right foot, again.

Jurassic Park 3D hits theaters on July 19th, 2013, while Dawn of the Planet of the Apes arrives on May 23rd, 2014.

What do you want to see in a new Jurassic Park?

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