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‘Jupiter Ascending’ and Liam Neeson’s ‘Tombstones’ Continue to Fill Out Casts

Written by on February 12, 2013 

The Wachowskis have a certain knack for finding unknown, off-center actors to put in their films, so it’s weirdly fitting that they’d give a big break to the single one with a name more “English” than Benedict Cumberbatch. Variety bring us this little treasure via casting news for Jupiter Ascending, reporting that the ambitious sci-fi actioner’s next star is Tuppence Middleton (this year’s Trance and A Long Way Down), who’s been brought in for an indeterminate part. Possibly someone British, if only because her first name is “Tuppence” and her surname is “Middleton.”

Yet she could be the most stock character imaginable and this would still be good news for her, considering the high profile Jupiter is sure to attract with Channing Tatum, Mila Kunis, Sean Bean, Eddie Redmayne, and Noah‘s Douglas Booth in surrounding parts. As has been known for some time, the Wachowskis‘ screenplay takes place in a future where humans are at evolution’s lowest rung, and a measly Russian immigrant (Kunis) becomes a target of the universe’s queen. In a Snow White-like scenario, the man sent to kill her (Tatum) falls in love and decides to save her life, ensuing in a lot of visual spectacle like only these two directors can precisely accomplish.

Jupiter Ascending will commence shooting this spring, with a 2014 release to follow.

Update: Variety have learned that Tombstones‘ female star will be Ruth Wilson (Anna Karenina, Lone Ranger), an actress whose newly-minted role remain undisclosed. The original item can be read below.

Next, Variety, again, inform us that Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey, Vamps) is circling work with Liam Neeson and Scott Frank, the both of whom are expected to partner for the New York-set crime picture A Walk Among the Tombstones. As only once reported on, back in May, it would feature the world’s most credible aged action star in the role of Matt Scudder, a private detective given the dangerous task of finding those who killed a drug dealer’s wife — soon bringing him further and further into contact with some of the city’s worst. Stevens‘ part has not been stipulated, though I figure that, with he being only the second actor reported to be coming along, it should be a major one.

Frank starts shooting Tombstones in March.

Does either film change in potential, having read this news?

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