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Juliette Lewis Starring In Remake of Federico Fellini’s Classic ‘Nights of Cabiria’

Written by on May 7, 2012 

Yikes. We almost got away scot-free with no word for quite some time on Precious director Lee Danielsplanned remake of Federico Fellini‘s 1957 classic Nights of Cabiria. An update on the film is back to the frontburner, but from a different group of filmmakers.

Variety reports that Constellation Entertainment, the group behind Sabrina and Francis Ford Coppola‘s The Rainmaker, are now set to remake the film, and they have their star. Juliette Lewis will step into the shoes of Giulietta Masina‘s iconic character in the film titled The Days of Mary. She’ll be directed by producer Brad Michael Gilbert, who last worked on the Liam Neeson bomb After.Life and will be making his feature debut here.

If one switches out Rome for Reno, you still have the basic plot of the original, with a bright-eyed prostitue exploring the night life of the city. Gilbert stated, “he story is more relevant than ever — the triumph of a hopeful spirt in the face of a broken world” and that “Juliette was born to play this role.” This one just sounds like a poor choice, considering the talent involved and their impossible hopes to replicate Fellini’s classic. With production beginning this fall, let’s hope that producers rethink their decision and this project falls apart.

Do you want to see a remake of the Fellini classic?

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