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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Rumored to Take Up Batman Mantle In ‘Justice League’

Written by on November 26, 2012 

(Spoilers for The Dark Knight Rises, I guess.)

When Christopher Nolan‘s final bat-film ended with the reveal that, gasp, John Blake was actually the boy wonder known as Robin, fan speculation went into a brief state of overdrive. “Will there be more films with the character?” was, really, the only question people even bothered to ask, but the incessant, eventually nauseating utterance even led Joseph Gordon-Levitt to comment on the issue. (If you can even call something so silly an issue.) It’s not really his choice to make, but, according to him, that was as far as things would even go with the role.

Not that, you know, it’s really his choice to make.

So, while it may only be whispered at the moment, put some consideration into HitFix‘s claim that he’ll “absolutely” come back for DC — but not as Robin. Rather, it’s speculated the upcoming Justice League film, about which we know nothing truly worthwhile, will feature Gordon-Levitt as (you already guessed) the next Batman. Whether you’re thrilled or, like me, a little annoyed the Nolan continuity couldn’t just fit into three movies because come on, it doesn’t matter: this deal may now be “solidifying into a plan.” (He’d make a great Batman, I know, but the man’s of such immense talent that I don’t want him doing a superhero franchise. Sue me.)

What’s more, it may not take until 2015 before he’s in the Batsuit. The same story alleges he and “potentially, at least one other actor from the Nolan films” (whoever that may be) are getting themselves roped into DC’s lineup for the aforementioned “plan.” What, then? Don’t ask me, pal, but I’d bet anyone somewhere around $10 (let’s be conservative here) that he and this other actor appear after the credits of Man of Steel to get the internet into a tizzy.

If this deal is actually true, you can almost count on it happening. It’s not like Marvel set a bad example before them.

Does this strike you as even remotely possible? Would you want it to, in fact, be true?

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