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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Shares Thoughts on Future of Batman Franchise

Written by on August 16, 2012 

There are, technically speaking, spoilers to be found in this article, but that’s not a label I’m 100% comfortable applying here. Look: Giving away the big stuff about any movie is never okay, in my little opinion, particularly when it’s something many people have waited about four years to experience for themselves. A good thing to keep in mind, though not necessarily something which applies to The Dark Knight Rises by now. If you wanted to see it, you probably saw it, and if you haven’t, there’s a fair shot you already know where things are going. By this point, details about the ending can’t really mean much.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt had an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live the other night, during which the late night host asked if his role as Robin (and there it is) would allow Christopher Nolan‘s superhero series to continue without its director or main star. As good as this would be for his bank account, the actor shared his thought that it’s not so much a set-up but “a great ending for that trilogy,” even pointing toward the recurring theme of Batman being a symbol, everyone being a hero, and all that as the proper evidence.

We’re in agreement, he and I; even better that his reasoning is probably the case. It isn’t easy to expect Warner Bros. are thrilled about letting a franchise this successful fall out of their hands — any franchise, really — but when you’re rebooting this all in a few years’ time, it isn’t so hard to move on. And you get to retain a franchise’s dignity! That never happens anymore.

Watch the appearance below (via /Film):

Were you hoping Gordon-Levitt would carry the franchise for himself? Is it best to leave this world behind?

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