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Jon Hamm Makes ‘Epic Fail’ By Signing for Kidnapping Comedy

Written by on November 29, 2012 

Here’s a success story, ladies and gentlemen: aspiring screenwriter Kevin Costello started out in Hollywood, like so many others, as an intern. After working for Jennifer Klein, probably doing intern things (getting coffee or staples), he wound up in 20th Century Fox’s Emerging Writers Program, which is exactly what that title leads you to imagine. The guy’s only been there one week, and, now, has two projects being set up — one with a major star, both produced by Up in the Air co-writer Sheldon Turner. [Variety]

Before other hopeful scribes punch their computer screen in frustration, let’s hear some more about the films. The furthest-developed and most notable is Epic Fail, a comedy that Jon Hamm has in consideration (he’d be the lead, natch), while Mark Teitelman — most experienced in, believe it or not, Monday Night Football — is already slated to helm. If he signs, Draper will play a schmuck-y high school teacher who, attempting to present himself in some heroic manner, hires two students to stage a kidnapping of his wife. The title would indicate what happens with this plan.

I love Hamm and I love seeing people fail at fake kidnappings, so they’ve already got one person in the theater. Otherwise, Costello has conducted a rewrite of Julie Golden‘s romantic adventure-comedy spec script, Six-Month Curse, which Universal are planning to distribute. Bought all the way back in 2007, the screenplay centers on a new bride informed that she, at birth, was cursed to have relationships that last no longer than six months. (Kind of a lame one, gypsy.) In an attempt to dispel these powers, Curse’s lead heads out to the Brazilian rain forest; there, she becomes wooed by a river guide.

Too high-concept for me right upfront (or at first blush), but I think a balance, if at all necessary, is struck by the early amusement Epic Fail manages to offer.

Are you surprised by the traction Costello has managed to earn so quickly?

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