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John Williams Politely Asks to Return to ‘Star Wars’ Scoring Duties

Written by on February 18, 2013 

After the last sixteen years, this writer doesn’t hold Star Wars as something especially sacred or, in that way, required to follow certain guidelines when J.J. Abrams really gets his hands on the thing. But it is, regardless, odd to think of what could be missing: that 20th Century Fox fanfare, the antiquated sound of which is as important to the experience of George Lucas‘ universe as that of an unsheathing lightsaber; not to mention John Williams, who I had sort of thought would get a gentle push out the door, to be replaced by Bad Robot mainstay Michael Giacchino. Having enjoyed the latter’s turn on that other space saga to great effect, though, it was sort of okay in my book. Just… strange.

But the Lost composer might have to sit out this golden job. Reported by an occupier of John Williams Fan Network (JWFAN) are some comments from the master himself, who told a paying crowd — right before playing the Star Wars theme, no less — that he’s looking to jump back into the series. The comments are nothing more than “I’d like to come back,” and a mention of George Lucas makes it sound as if Williams isn’t fully cognizant of behind-the-scenes happenings on Episode VII. Which doesn’t mean he should be kept out of the proceedings, obviously — a feeling which goes right back to the basic hope that Abrams keeps this one piece of the films in place.

Small, semi-related item: Frank Marshall has tweeted that Kathleen Kennedy will not produce Jurassic Park IV. Do with this information whatever you find both necessary and safe.

Do you think Williams should be kept around for Star Wars: Episode VII?

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