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John Cusack Starring With Malin Akerman In ‘The Numbers Station’

Written by on October 25, 2011 

Is it just me, or is John Cusack getting a little comfortable in the thriller genre? Next year alone should see the release of The Raven & The Frozen Ground, and The Factory might be hitting before 2011 is one for the books. Variety has news of an additional entry to add to his slate, this one being director Kasper Barfoed‘s The Numbers Station.

Written by F. Scott Frazier, the story follows Cusack as “a disgraced black-ops agent tasked with a deadend job of protecting a code operator [Akerman] for an isolated covert CIA broadcast station.” Ethan Hawke is said to have originally been attached to play the main character, but he dropped out for undisclosed reasons. Producing are Sean and Bryan Furst of Furst Films, along with Matador Pictures’ Nigel Thomas. The film is currently without a distributor, but Content will pitch it around the American Film Market; the presence of these two leads should help it find somebody, even if it isn’t a major studio.

Even then, when going by the description, this sounds like fairly standard material for the genre. Frankly, I’ll need a little something more than what we’re being given to get interested. Cusack isn’t quite an actor who elevates material, either; he’s fine, but not someone who makes me want to see a movie based solely on his presence. Essentially, I’m trying to say that it would be nice if this didn’t end up being like a lot of his recent work — that is, entirely skippable.

How does Numbers sound? Are you a Cusack fan?

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