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John C. Reilly and Aubrey Plaza Sink Teeth Into ‘Life After Beth’

Written by on December 17, 2012 

Zombies are so tired they’re really just kind of dead, but people keep coming back, no matter how shoddy the quality. So, of course, those with the checkbooks keep signing off on undead properties, and we have to contend with them whenever necessary — which is not often for myself, but often enough to sort of almost care.

Based on what’s been stated, though, there could be a shade of hope in this next project. The Guardian (via ThePlaylist) caught wind of it after speaking to Aubrey Plaza, who told the outlet that she and John C. Reilly will headline “a really fucked-up movie” called Life After Beth. The only other tidbit, this one also small, deals with a third creative: I Heart Huckabees co-writer Jeff Baena, who’s crafted something that has nothing to do with a shot film of the same title — because this is about zombies.

Spitballing here, it seems evident (though not exact) that Plaza will portray a girl, maybe even one named Beth, who becomes a zombie and forces her loved ones to contend with this new state of being; Reilly is one of them. Anyone want to bet that I’m really close? Bank on it, if you’re actually willing to “bank on” anything of this sort. (You should not be.) Tired as I am of the subgenre, they’re an interesting-enough pair to generate something, but, since I suspect we don’t hear anything on Life After Beth until it’s more fleshed-out and complete, there’s a need to hold off on such terms.

What do you make of a zombie laugh-fest starring Reilly and Plaza?

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