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Joel Kinnaman Goes on the Lam with Liam Neeson In ‘Run All Night’

Written by on March 11, 2013 

Hoping to save his film career before RoboCop kills it dead like so many of Alex Murphy’s bloodied gunshot victims, Joel Kinnaman (the only good part of AMC’s The Killing, which, yes, we should still be angry at Netflix for resurrecting) has decided to make a movie with Liam Neeson. This, in the past, has neither helped launch nor give second chances to a career, but here we have a wiser move than the only conceivable alternative: rest your laurels on an ’80s remake and a struggling TV series. When speaking about a legitimate talent, as here, one hopes that isn’t the full game plan.

Take the news for what it counts as. This movie, it should be said, is Run All Night, an action-thriller which Neeson will lead as a mobster put into compromising situations when his boss needs to be killed — but, because he needs to kill the boss, ends up in trouble with both cops and robbers. Kinnaman enters the picture as his son, whose witnessing of the murder makes him a priority: some want to kill him, the protagonist needs to protect him. From there, Brad Ingelsby‘s screenplay almost sounds like it takes a turn for the buddy road movie. With shoot-outs.

Jaume Collet-Serra, with whom Neeson has collaborated on Unknown and this year’s Non-Stop, is attached to direct. Production will start this fall.

Does anything about Kinnaman’s choice for the part make Run All Night more appealing?

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