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Joe Carnahan Will ‘Continue’ at 20th Century Fox

Written by on May 30, 2012 

Some of us thought Joe Carnahan would follow January’s The Grey with Death Wish, White Jazz, or Killing Pablo — you decide which would be the best course of action — but the next effort is something we haven’t heard much of until now. According to Twitch, he and 20th Century Fox have made plans to go with Continue, a Groundhog Day-like passion project about “a former soldier forced to re-live the same day over and over while on the run from assassins trying to kill him for reasons unknown.”

You probably couldn’t glean it from that logline, but Carnahan claims Continue will actually be “funny as shit,” in a sense that’s not entirely dissimilar to, of all things, The Three Stooges. If it can strike that kind of vibe and attitude, good, because while not a horrible premise for a movie, Continue uses something that’s become somewhat tired by this point.

It’s enough that Source Code is only about 14 months old — it wasn’t an original idea then, by the way — but Doug Liman and Tom Cruise soon plan to do something similar with All You Need is Kill. (This resistance may, admittedly, have something to do with me liking the idea so much to begin with. Honestly.) Still, Carnahan did so much right with his last film; for this, his follow-up won’t have a huge cloud of doubt hanging over it.

Are you hoping to see Carnahan bring this project to the big screen?

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