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Jim Carrey Lands Role In ‘Burt Wonderstone’ With Steve Carell

Written by on October 11, 2011 

When he isn’t making bizarre videos professing his love for young actresses, Jim Carrey is still providing a turn in the occasional movie. I say “occasional” because the rate at which the actor stars in films has slowed down considerably over the past several years; I don’t know why, but it just has. With that decline of sorts in mind, fans of his will be happy to hear Deadline‘s news that he’s in talks to star with Jim Carrey in the upcoming comedy Burt Wonderstone.

Directed by 30 Rock veteran Don Scardino (and with a script worked on people including Jason Reitman), the movie revolves around “a Las Vegas magician who breaks with his longtime stage partner and finds himself upstaged by a rival hip street magician who is stealing his thunder”; after this happens, he must “rediscover his love for magic.”

Carell has been attached to this for at least a year, but we’re just getting around to additions, a sign of things starting to ramp up. I’m not a betting man, but if I were, I’d wager that Carrey is taking up the role of the rival magician. Being the second actor to get cast — along with the rival seemingly being the second biggest role — makes it seem entirely possible.

Regardless of who he may or may not play, the two of them could make for a strong onscreen pairing. Plenty don’t like Carrey‘s work, for whatever reason, but I often find him to be strong on both a comedic and dramatic level; honestly, just look at Eternal Sunshine for a legitimately great performance. That’s not exactly something I’m expecting from a magician comedy, but I (naturally) do expect something funny. I imagine that they could deliver on this.

Would the two of them work together in a film? Any anticipation on your part for Burt Wonderstone?

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