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Jerry Bruckheimer Establishes Serial Killer Film with Paramount; ‘Wanted’ Writers Attached

Written by on November 15, 2012 

When the non-Pirates entries in his wheelhouse keep flopping like so many lifeless fish, a break from the shiny Disney spectacle might do Jerry Bruckheimer some good. It might not be different, though: we’re talking about someone who could take a six-minute theme park ride and turn it into four movies that, in total, cost more than the yearly GDP of South America. A small scale is not his forte, so I’ll hold my tongue before learning more.

At this moment, TheWrap tell us Paramount have taken up a project known Shake, itself the brain child of Wanted co-writer Derek Haas. Originally posted online (in short story form) some years back, the plot revolves around Tim Cooper, a Los Angeles FBI agent afflicted with Parkinson’s who, during an earthquake (I won’t make the bad joke), hunts down a long-sought serial killer with his partner. An earthquake, that is? Remember when I said Bruckheimer has a problem with keeping things small?

Well, not that a detective movie set across shaky L.A. is such a bad idea. I’ll be willing to give this one a shot — for one thing, Haas and his assigned co-writer, Michael Brandt, have shown an ability to do entertainment right — and if some more comes down that looks good, I’ll stay relatively positive.

What do you think of Bruckheimer’s newest venture?

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