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Jeffrey Wright Takes Forest Whitaker’s Place on Sam Rockwell-Starrer ‘A Single Shot’

Written by on March 27, 2012 

Losing Forest Whitaker can’t be very much fun, but A Single Shot just grabbed a replacement that, for myself, might actually be an improvement. According to Variety, Jeffrey Wright has taken Whitaker’s place in the upcoming thriller, thus putting him in the company of a remarkably solid cast — Sam Rockwell is leading, while William H. Macy, and Jason Isaacs are among the primary supporting players.

Written by Matthew F. Jones (who’s adapting his own novel) and directed by David M. Rosenthal (Janie Jones), A Single Shot revolves around John Moon (Rockwell), a hunter who unintentionally kills and then tries to dispose of a teenage girl. But, during this heinous act, Moon uncovers a small fortune that only adds another layer to the brewing face-off between himself and those seeking vengeance.

A Single Shot began shooting last week, thus making it a likely 2013 releases.

With this cast and premise, has A Single Shot grabbed your attention?

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