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James Franco Going Head-to-Head With Jason Statham In Sylvester Stallone-Scripted ‘Homefront’

Written by on July 31, 2012 

The onscreen pairing of our dreams is becoming a reality, with Variety telling us James Franco and Jason Statham are punching it out in the actioner Homefront — scripted by none other than Sylvester Stallone. He, sadly, won’t be co-starring or directing — that latter duty falls to Gary Fleder (The Express, Runaway Jury) — but producing, rather, with Millennium Films handling the distribution side of things.

Statham is taking the lead in Homefront, where we’ll see him play a former DEA agent, Phil Broker, who acts upon ambitions for a normal life by relocating his family. Phil must not be all that good at researching potential places of habitat, though, as their new home is replete with violence and drugs; behind it all is “an evil meth magnate” going by the name of Gator. (This is how Franco enters the picture.) This specific threat and these broad levels of injustice lead our hero to crave retribution, which soon becomes “the only thing [he] seeks.”

Sylvester Stallone wrote the damn thing, so you know right where this goes. And while it, in that sense, is the kind of project I might turn a blind eye to six or seven times out of ten (ballparking here), the opportunity to see Franco and Statham fight each other is too golden. Seeing the former get strung out and extra sleazy as a meth man? Just stop right there, buddy.

Homefront will begin shooting around the end of September.

Are Franco and Statham capable of getting your hopes up for Homefront?

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