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Jake Scott Replaced On Jeff Buckley Biopic ‘Mystery White Boy’ By ‘West of Memphis’ Director

Written by on September 13, 2012 

Mystery White Boy took a slight blow when its sort-of rival, Greetings from Tim Buckley, hit the Toronto scene earlier this week — even turning out to be somewhat okay — so now feels like the right time for a big shake-up. Although Jake Scott had been attached to helm this Jeff Buckley picture for quite some time — and although the whole thing was beginning to snap together — things are changing on this front.

Word of a new direction comes from ShowBiz411, who report that Amy Berg (West of Memphis) has “Bogarted” (not often that one gets thrown around) Mystery White Boy from the offspring of Ridley. Seeing as he’s said to have been unable to get the picture off before everyone expected, this isn’t the sort of development I’d normally have a difficult time believing — it happens frequently, come to think of it — but do have to question its legitimacy when context is implemented.

Don’t forgot, ladies and gentlemen, that Berg is in the middle of assembling her own film, Every Secret Thing, which just grabbed Elizabeth Banks for a starring role. So, either she a) drops that and does a (very potentially) ready-to-go picture, or b) this one sits on the shelves because someone who’s never made a narrative is “obsessed” with the main subject.

Do the actors want to wait around for that? Will they wait around, if even still attached? I’m not saying it won’t happen, yet the circumstances behind it are still mighty odd.

Does it seem possible that Berg takes over for Scott on Mystery White Boy? Is this a move you’d like to see?

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