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Jacques Audiard Talks Upcoming Musical and Western; Director Hopes to Collaborate With James Murphy

Written by on October 12, 2012 

Now that Rust and Bone is in the can, Jacques Audiard (A Prophet, The Beat That My Heart Skipped) has started to divulge on projects which, judging early on, could deviate from his typical formula. While going from a long prison drama to something where Marion Cotillard gets her leg bit off by a whale shows the ability to jump around, an interview with ThePlaylist allowed the French auteur to reveal that he and his co-writer, Thomas Bidegain, have both a western and a musical on the brain.

More than that, actually; “several things,” as he put it. None of them sound to be truly set in stone, though the both of them have been “nourishing [the musical] for a while” — even taking a break from Rust and Bone to shape it together — and know that the western would be in English. (Not a lot, but go with us here.) One thing impeding the latter project was, of all things, music, but they’re now looking toward LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy to cover that ground. He’s not aware of this, or anything — they just want him.

At Cannes, Audiard told 24Frames about plans for, yes, a musical which would, if not outright focus on, at least take inspiration from “the drug cartels in Colombia [with] their own band and their own song writers to write music about them.” Is that the same thing? Unless the man’s getting Busby Berkeley on us, I doubt there are many similar films in his pipeline.

Before speculating any further, you can see his new film, Rust and Bone, when it opens on November 23rd.

Is Audiard’s musical project worth any early attention?

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