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Jack Bender and Max Brooks Combine Forces on Secret Project

Written by on June 26, 2012 

Having Jack Bender leave the Jack Ryan reboot is an unfortunate bit of business — I’m sure Kenneth Branagh will do fine work; it’s just that seeing a new voice take control would have been nice — but when one door closes for the guy, a window opens right up. (Or, if you would count Alcatraz as a major effort on his part, make that “when two doors close.”)

THR tells us the Lost helmer will partner with New Regency on Devolution, a tight-lipped thriller rooted in an idea by World War Z author Max Brooks; he’ll also make the film his first credit as a producer. The writing duties won’t go to him, unfortunately, but David Leslie Johnson, a scribe with a somewhat tenuous history that contains Wrath of the Titans, Red Riding Hood, The Walking Dead, and Orphan. (Only the last is well-regarded in any true way, as far as I can remember and gather.) Let’s hope either a) his filmography has some weird history behind it that can totally be accounted for, or b) Brooks‘ idea and Bender‘s own work can patch any potential wounds.

But I’ll be optimistic, having been fairly taken with the director’s heavy rotation on Lost and some other TV productions, too, such as The Sopranos. Really, I’d just love for him not to pay for dropping a franchise-starter; it’d be even better if this could start its own.

Do you have any early impressions of Devolution, despite this low amount of information?

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