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J.J. Abrams Is Your ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Director

Written by on January 24, 2013 

Trek was not enough for one man’s sci-fi appetite?

After claiming he had passed on Star Wars: Episode VII — for fear of not being able to enjoy the movie like a regular fan — TheWrap have learned that “[t]he lure of the Jedi was too strong” for J.J. Abrams. Mark your calendars for this historic day, ladies and germs: the man who gave Gene Roddenberry‘s saga a George Lucas-like spin is the much-rumored man to give George Lucas‘s saga the… now, Abrams treatment. Whatever that could really mean, save for the obvious lens flares jokes I will not make on some misguided sense of principle. (Ben Affleck was, too, under consideration. Not that it matters much at this point, save for an idea of how much power Spielberg can really carry in Hollywood.)

A (almost certainly May) 2015 release date has been scoped out by Disney and Lucasfilm, meaning the Bad Robot maestro will have to jump directly from Star Trek Into Darkness to Episode VII — precluding him from directing that inevitable third Trek film, you would think — and with Michael Arndt‘s screenplay in his hands. This is news which will probably not go past a press release with some choice quotes for the time being, so sit back and be either happy or frustrated. I’m sure nobody will have much else to say about this announcement.

Abrams? Star Wars? Does it work for you?

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