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Ivan Reitman Hints at Unexpected Path for ‘Ghostbusters’ Franchise

Written by on September 25, 2012 

As far as we’ve been told, Etan Cohen is writing Ghostbusters 3. The excitement is low and Bill Murray won’t be present (think there’s some correlation?) but Sony, against all that, are preparing something that fits into one of their oldest franchises. If Ivan Reitman has something to say, though — he, being the prospective director, should be allowed to chime in — it’s not at all what we could’ve predicted.

When speaking to Collider, the director behind both the original classic and that darn sequel raised a few pairs of eyebrows, saying, “I think Ghostbusters probably should be remade, if we can get it all right. We’re working on it, so we’ll see.” This doesn’t fully, totally mean that Ghostbusters 3 — a project which has had so many stops and starts I’d hesitate to even talk about it as a possibility — will recast these characters and put them in a modern setting; Reitman may have only misspoken or said something without the proper context. (Although I’d be very curious to know what such context would even be.)

Knowing that this, should it come together, would be an installment in which the remaining members “[pass] the torch to a new generation of ghostbusters,” you could make a lot of inferences. None of them feel particularly worthy of any time or effort, however, so it’s best to move on to something just as worthless.

There was an update on Triplets, the biggest current threat to good-taste moviegoers around the world: a Twins sequel that would have Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger find their third brother, played by Eddie Murphy.

Unlike one of his stars, Reitman is taking a big step back right away. Admitting that he’s “quite nervous about it [because] it’s somebody’s commercial idea,” the director went and cast serious doubt over the prospect, saying they don’t have a writer or, even, idea. As of now, Triplets is “more of a press release than anything else.” With some good will, we can keep it that way.

Does this round of comments lead you to think Ghostbusters 3 or Triplets may never happen? Is this something you’re okay with?

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