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Ivan Reitman and Kevin Costner Find New Home for Football Comedy ‘Draft Day’

Written by on January 9, 2013 

The Draft Day saga, one to live in the same halls as Homer, reaches another chapter. After being hit with a rejection notice from Paramount, the football-centered comedy has laid dormant; save for a Black List notation, nothing was happening with the project and nothing looked to be on the horizon, either. A sad few months for Kevin Costner and Ivan Reitman.

Proving that the Black List can, contrary to some thoughts, have credible impact on Hollywood dealings, Vulture report that Lionsgate have looked at the project as a good fit, and are, now, discussing the hard stuff with both director and star. Or, it’ll be that way soon enough; Reitman has been engaged amongst talks, while Costner is expected to enter discussions within some reasonable amount of time. Schedules, as always, need to be considered (ahem), but, hey, isn’t that a central part of negotiations?

The Scott Rothman– and Rajiv Joseph-written screenplay, described by Vulture as “coveted,” follows a Buffalo Bills GM who, over the course of draft day, needs to “make all sorts of trades and sacrifices” when the top pick is handed their way. Audiences follow the character as he handles “his own family baggage [and] some surprising personal and romantic developments,” all for the sake of cinematic entertainment. Lionsgate think that’s good enough to pick up, and Reitman & Costner (seem to) think that’s good enough to stick with — so, against prior odds, we’ll come to see how right they are.

Any thoughts on Draft Day getting another shot? Were you hoping to see it come back?

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