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Isabelle Huppert Goes to ‘Dead Man Down’; Michael Nyqvist Joins ‘Seagull’

Written by on April 30, 2012 

Add one more point in Dead Man Down‘s favor, since Deadline reports that Niels Arden Oplev‘s English-language debut has just snagged Isabelle Huppert (The Piano Teacher, White Material) for an undisclosed role. And the cast she’s joining is already an international smattering of acting talent; Noomi Rapace and Colin Farrell are leading the picture, while Terrence Howard and Dominic Cooper have been set for to play the villain and the protagonist’s sidekick, respectively. (Sweden, Ireland, America, England, and, now, France.)

Written by J.H. Wyman, Dead Man Down sees Farrell play Victor, a former criminal aide who seeks vengeance on Alphonse Hoyt (Howard) a criminal overlord who helped orchestrate the death of his family. Rapace enters the swing of things as Beatrice, a woman blackmailing Victor for his services; Cooper will play Victor’s partner, Darcy. That run-down is another way of admitting we don’t know who Huppert is playing, but I’ll still be shocked if the international favorite doesn’t do something impressive with the material thrust upon her.

Shooting on the film is already underway, more or less securing a 2013 release.

Then, Variety reports that Oplev‘s Dragon Tattoo star (and Rapace‘s co-star), Michael Nyqvist, has obtained a supporting role in The Seagull. Helmed by Christian Camargo, the (technically untitled) modern take on Anton Chekhov‘s novel of the same name has courted Katie Holmes, William Hurt, Allison Janney, Jean Reno, Russell Means, Cherry Jones, Mark Rylance, and Julie Rylance. With all those occupied spaces being taken into account, it’s no surprise Nyqvist‘s role is in more of a supporting capacity.

In the modern-day New England-set story, a family “confronts the volatile and fragile nature of love” to shattering consequences; the newest member of the lineup will portray Johan, a “jovial” caretaker of the home in which everyone resides. Being a little rough on my Chekhov precludes this writer from guessing how much of a role he’ll have — again, I don’t think the input will be massive — but, in all seriousness, at least he’s not starring in another Abduction.

Are you encouraged or impressed by either casting choice?

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