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‘Iron Sky’ Director Timo Vuorensola Claims ‘I Killed Adolf Hitler’

Written by on May 26, 2012 

It looks like director Timo Vuorensola has Nazis on the brain. Iron Sky, his tongue-in-cheek sci-fi film about Nazis attacking from the moon, was recently released, and it looks like he’s developing a franchise around the title – there’s promise of a sequel and a three episode TV miniseries that will serve as a prequel. If reports are correct, these projects are only the beginning.

According to Twitch, Vuorensola will helm a big screen adaptation of the graphic novel I Killed Adolf Hitler by Jason, which follows a modern-day contract killer who time travels back to 1939 to assassinate the Nazi leader. But when things go awry, and Hitler sends himself to the present, the stranded killer waits out the decades until he can finally find his target and carry out his mission. The project was optioned for the big screen earlier this year.

The film will be penned  by first-time screenwriter DC Walker and produced by London’s Studio Eight, Finalnd’s Blind Spot Pictures and Germany’s Niama Film. Production on I Killed Adolf Hitler is scheduled to begin in 2013.

Have you read the graphic novel? Are you curious to see how Vuorensola will adapt it?

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