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‘Iron Man 3’ Set Photos Provide Unintentional Laughs; Stephanie Szostak Cast

Written by on July 17, 2012 

I think this is a fair rule to follow in general, but: When it comes to big effects films, people should be careful in mocking set photos. It’s out-of-context, dialogue-free, the angles from which they’re taken aren’t exactly “cinematic,” and — this is the biggest problem of all — it’s incomplete. You’re basically staring at a canvas that has fifteen brushstrokes on it, and a canvas shot from an oddly-angled distance at that.

Regardless, I look at some shots from StarNewsOnline (via LatinoReview) and get a good chuckle. It’s evident that Shane Black and his large crew were filming a scene wherein Iron Man rescues some falling denizens; LatinoReview reckons they were aboard Air Force One — stewardess outfits and military attire being the giveaways — which, in the movie, gets shot down by someone with evil intentions. (Ben Kingsley‘s Mandarin, more likely than not.)

But these laughs don’t stem from some weird contempt for the production, or anything else of that sort. If anything, it’s rather impressive to look at this and think of the transition that’s made in about nine months — through hours and hours of hard work, this unfinished and silly staging will be turned into action-packed, CGI-infused thrills. Or, if possible, they could keep it as is and release an “underground” Iron Man 3 that jettisons the typical conventions of summer fare in favor of an oddly self-reflexive blockbuster. I’d prefer that, to be honest.

See them above and below:

A small bit arrived from Deadline, who say that Stephanie Szostak (We Bought a Zoo, Dinner for Schmucks) has found herself in the film and, just as promisingly, alongside Robert Downey Jr., Kingsley, Rebecca Hall, Guy Pearce, and Gwyneth Paltrow. We know this much: For her, it’s “a thrill to be part of the incredible Iron Man franchise.” That’s it.

Iron Man 3 opens on May 3rd, 2013.

Is it interesting to see the bare bones of a big action scene? Will Szostak bring anything new to this series?

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