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‘Independence Day’ Sequels Could Happen Without Will Smith; Producer Sets Up Directorial Debut

Written by on January 9, 2013 

He’s trying on some other Presidential shoes with that awful-looking NBC sitcom, but Bill Pullman can’t run away from the other stint as Commander-in-Chief. I’m not just referring to that speech being a joke the oh-so-funny like to trot out every July 4th, either — there are Independence Day sequels still being considered.

Not exactly happening, however. An interview with Crave provided some very loose updates on the two projects‘ status, saying that it’s likely to shoot “[w]ithin a year, yeah, something like that I guess.” (I wish more people answered these kinds of questions with such phrasing.) “Nobody’s holding their breath because it’s been continually plagued,” he had asserted, also admitting that Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin could have two ideas — one with, the other without Will Smith. I figure they would’ve had some contract negotiations smoothed out even just, you know, a little more cleanly after years and years. No dice. Pullman, either way, sounds happy with his character’s treatment, calling it “a very interesting conception of what happens to Whitmore between then and when it picks back up.”

But this is not confirmation, nor do I expect a lot more about it for some stretch of time, either. ID Forever Part One and ID Forever Part Two are almost becoming jokes as titles.

If you want a new Devlin-provided disaster film (just pretend that this is something of desire), better news is here. According to Deadline, the producer-writer — who, as you may know, was collaborator of Roland Emmerich‘s on Independence Day, Godzilla, Stargate, and The Patriot (remember that one?) — and his company, Electric Entertainment, have signed a deal with Skydance Entertainment. A big leap for him, since this sees him, after so many years, debut as director on an untitled project that. As written by he and Paul Guyot, the details are being kept quiet — as if this is something serious. But at least it’ll be global wreckage.

Are the Independence Day sequels still (if they were ever) up for your consideration? How do you feel about Devlin trying out a new avenue?

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